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Curatype. Built by serial entrepreneurs with over a hundred years of experience in media, AI, FinTech, commerce, and Internet platforms. Curatype is a maker of AI Agents with AI personalities to help produce content .


Having built, scaled, and sold several technology platforms in the e-commerce, traditional AI, FinTech, and media-tech industries, we see this new wave of generative AI as a transformative opportunity for content-driven businesses.

As the digitalization of the world continues, we recognize that everyone is a media company because everyone has stories to tell and share. And we recognize that advanced AI can play an amplifying role in strengthening communities, and by helping build and monetize relationships between people, be they audiences, influencers, fans, or customers.

Curatype is a new engine for content-driven relationship building at Internet scale. 🚀

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Curatype is a state of the art AI Agent Development Cloud empowering developers to build sophisticated content creation bots with ease, reliability, privacy, and affordability.


Curatype is a maker of AI Agents with AI personalities to help produce content .

Meet the Curatype founding team.👋 From the founders of Runa (acquired by Staples), Higher Order AI (acquired by McKinsey), Quintype, Shoptype, Newstype, and and former senior executives from The Times of India, Indian Express, Outlook, Oglivy & Mather, Publicis, Saatchi & Saatchi, WPP, and others: 🤓