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How We’re Planting One Trillion Trees and Creating a New Internet of Trees

Amit here again, wow this is my first post in 2024, time flies when you’re having fun!

I’m thrilled to announce the launch of Life of a Tree, a new venture that combines my passions for art, technology, and humanity. Life of a Tree is designed as a social brand that contributes towards planting one trillion trees around the world and connecting them through digital collectibles and virtual experiences.

Why trees?

Trees are the lungs of the planet, and the planet needs serious help. They produce oxygen, store carbon, and provide habitats for countless species. They also profoundly impact our well-being, as studies have shown that being around trees can reduce stress, boost creativity, and enhance happiness. And no human can create a better machine to fix our carbon problems than natural trees.

But trees are also under threat. Of the total of six trillion trees on the planet, we’ve already cut down more than half, that’s three trillion trees gone. This is a huge problem, not only for the environment but for humanity as well. That’s why we need to act now. We need to plant more trees, and we need to protect the ones we have.

But how?

That’s where Life of a Tree comes in.

Life of a Tree is a partnership between Plant for the Planet, a global nonprofit organization that plants trees to combat climate change, and AwakeVC, a venture studio that creates digital platforms and products using AI and blockchain.

Together, we have created a new model of fair and transparent digital retail, where you can buy (or donate) a tree and receive a digital collectible card that links to the actual seedling and plant.

Each digital card is unique, beautiful, and interactive. You can see the location, growth, and health of your tree, as well as the environmental and social impact it creates. You can also join our FairShare Communities and earn rewards for sharing and promoting our vision.

But that’s not all.

You can also access a whole new world of virtual experiences based on the trees you own. You can explore our different forest locations, such as the Yucatán peninsula in Mexico, where we are planting one billion trees with the help of local communities. You can also check out our upcoming projects in Costa Rica and Sacramento, California.

You can also immerse yourself in the Internet of Trees, a new network of data and intelligence that connects all the trees we plant. You can learn from the wisdom of nature, communicate with other tree owners, and co-create your own digital forests with friends and partners. Life of a Tree is a programmatic wonderland, designed to serve as a foundation for a new multiverse of digital and real-world experiences. Stay tuned for announcements about accessing our digital network through APIs, NFTs, and more.

Life of a Tree is designed to awaken your inner tree consciousness and help you discover the deeper connection between yourself and the natural world.

In short, you can become a Giver of Life, and help us create a more awake planet. Sounds amazing, right? But wait, there’s more.

The best part is that all your trees are tax-deductible, thanks to our partnership with Plant for the Planet, which operates as a nonprofit in the USA and Mexico. You can also rest assured that your money goes directly to tree planting and maintenance, as we run an audited and open ledger to ensure transparency and accountability.

So, there’s no time to wait. Join us today, and start your collection of Connected Trees. You can buy (donate) one for $10, or perhaps your business can buy a thousand for $10K, all tax deductible.

Contact us at to learn more about our ecosystem, our team, and our mission.

Together, we can help plant one trillion trees and create a new Internet of Trees.

Together, we can make a difference. Thank you for your support.

Amit Rathore, for AwakeVC and for Life of a Tree.

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